Chicken Wishbone ‘Friemds’ LP Teaser (APGM Mix) [Audio]

1/2 Recording and Mix Engineer for Chicken Wishbone’s 10-tracks ‘Friemds’ LP, due to release in August, 2017.

Recording and Mix Engineer – Ana Gargantini (tracks 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10)

2. Flute No More

3. Quiet Now

7. Even Steven

9. Stella

10. Outro


Spencer Hughes (Keyboards/Piano/Composer); Jack Eden (Bass); Owen James Miller (Trumpet); Tony Barnao (Tenor Saxophone); Flynn Sky-McCormick (Guitar); James Latham (Synthesizers/Vocal FX/Samples); Julia Bebenek (Drums); Brenna Edsell (Singer); Pascal ‘Dekah’ Ducasse (Rapper) and Josh ‘Zetes’ Zito (Rapper).

APGMproductions, 2017.

Chicken Wishbone Bandcamp

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